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If You are Sick and Tired Of Reading Payroll Books and Trying to Keep up to date with the Never Ending Changes to Irish Payroll, Stop. This is simple to use, fun, interactive and a great way to learn.

Michael D. Euro Logistics, UK.

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  • avatar Michael D. Euro Logistics, United Kingdom.

    If You are Sick and Tired Of Reading Payroll Books and Trying to Keep up to date with the Never Ending Changes to Irish Payroll, Stop. This is simple to use, fun, interactive and a great way to learn.

  • avatar Ciara Heeney Abbott Interiors Ltd, Ireland.

    Finally! I have been looking and hoping somebody would create this for years. I love the interactive calculation examples and multiple choice Q&A's, plus, it's a bit of fun.

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7 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. You'll be able to complete a manual payroll calculation from gross pay to net pay, and produce an accurate payslip.
  2. Be proficient in all aspects of payroll administration.
  3. You will gain a full understanding of payslip forms and what various entries on a payslip mean.
  4. You will learn how to setup new employees and process P45's.
  5. Have a full understanding of Tax, Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) & Universal Social Charge (USC).
  6. Learn how to register and setup the Revenue On-line System (ROS)
  7. Other topics covered include; taxable/non-taxable payments, maternity and Illness benefits, the tax-year end, payroll forms including P45, P60, P35's plus much much more….
  8. System Requirements - runs on the following operating systems; Windows 7-8, Vista, XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003. If using on Apple MAC, then a PC emulator is required, e.g. VirtualPC
  9. Top

Budget 2015: A summary for Payroll purposes

Budget 2015: Finance Minister Michael Noonan delivered his budget 2015 speech to Dail Eireann on 14 October 2014, below is a brief summary of changes affecting your Payroll for 2015!

Income Tax Rate The higher income tax rate has been reduced from 41% to 40%.

Statndard Rate Cut-off The standard rate band has been increased by €1,000 to €33,800 for a single person.

Universal Social Charge:

USC entry point has been increased to just over €12,000.
2% USC rate has been decreased to 1.5%
4% USC rate has been decreased to 3.5%
NEW 8% USC rate for those earning over €70,000
NEW 11% USC rate for self employed income over €100,000

Retaining the exemption from the top rate of USC for medical card holders earning less than €60,000 and these individuals will now only be liable to a maximum USC rate of 3.5%. This rate of USC is also the maximum that will apply to the over-70s who have incomes lower than €60,000.

A part-time worker earning €12,000 will continue to face no income tax and now no USC charge
A minimum wage worker will now face a maximum USC rate of 3.5%.
A working family with three children where both parents earn €50,000 each will have an additional €100 per month in their pocket.

All employees with incomes in excess of €70,000 will continue to face a marginal tax rate of 52%.

These changes enhance the progressivity of our income tax system with the top 1% of income earners now paying 21% of all income tax and USC collected. In contrast, the bottom 76% of income earners will pay 20% of the total.

Further updates and clarity of changes announced will be published here as we get them.


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